Holistic Medicine Specialist

Chaula Patel, MD

Medical Spa located in Bronx, NY

Chaula Patel, MD proudly practices holistic, or integrative, medicine to prevent and treat the diverse range of health conditions faced by adults. Contact Dr. Patel in Bronx, New York to learn how she considers the whole person, then uses the best combination of conventional, alternative, and complementary medicine to promote optimal health and wellness.

Holistic Medicine Q & A

What is integrative medicine?

Holistic medicine, or integrative medicine, combines mainstream medicine with complementary and alternative therapies to prevent and treat disease. But it’s more than just including all of the different therapeutic options. Doctors who practice integrative medicine, like Dr. Patel, are dedicated to considering the whole person and promoting optimal health.

Dr. Patel examines everything that influences your health, which includes your lifestyle, mind, spirit, and body. She focuses on ways to prevent illness, but when a health problem arises, Dr. Patel first determines the underlying cause. Then she chooses the treatments from conventional, complementary, and alternative therapies that will do the best job of restoring your health.  

While integrative medicine incorporates many different treatment options, Dr. Patel offers two treatments that improve the health of many patients, called chelation therapy and ozone prolotherapy.

What is chelation therapy?

Chelation refers to a chemical process in which a substance — the chelating agent — binds with minerals or metals, like lead, iron, and mercury. After the chelating agent is injected, it binds together with metals or minerals in the blood, then carries them out of the body through urine.

Chelation therapy is used to treat a variety of diseases, including heart disease. Atherosclerosis – hardening of the arteries – develops when cholesterol sticks to the walls of blood vessels. Over time, more cholesterol accumulates and calcium joins the mix, which makes it harden into a plaque. As a chelating agent binds with the calcium, it helps eliminate the blockage, which lowers the risk of cardiovascular events. Chelation is especially beneficial for patients with diabetes, who may gain a greater reduction in their risk of heart attacks and stroke compared to heart patients who aren’t diabetic.

What are ozone and prolotherapy?

Ozone is an oxygen therapy that kills bacteria and viruses, improves wound healing, enhances metabolism, boosts circulation, and triggers the production of antioxidants. Ozone’s beneficial actions promote faster healing and improve diverse health conditions, such as diabetic ulcers, fibromyalgia, wounds, and osteoarthritis.

Prolotherapy also stimulates the body’s natural healing process. When a mixture containing a local anesthetic, B vitamins and a sugar solution is injected into an injured part of the body, it stimulates the growth of healthy cells and tissues. Prolotherapy helps relieve chronic musculoskeletal pain and to regenerate damaged joints, so it’s often used to treat osteoarthritis and ongoing neck or back pain.